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Teaching practices how to reduce delinquent patient Accounts Receivable and how to reduce accounts to collection.  

Who we are

Chris Lesmeister – Founder

For 20+ years I’ve been in the accounts receivable and collections business, helping thousands of dental and medical practices from coast to coast. What I've found is that every practice, regardless of size or specialty, has one common denominator - delinquent patient AR. My experience has allowed me to develop techniques that help practices increase patient payments while adhering to state and federal collection laws.

What we do

We teach techniques called "Best Practices in AR Management". By teaching you how to get paid faster, you'll send fewer accounts to collection, allowing you to keep more of your money. If 3rd party collections are needed, we help you select an agency properly licensed that collects the most money. Need to accelerate insurance claim responses? We can help.

Why choose us

Practices deserve to get paid for the care they provide. We have one job: help your practice get paid faster. Our clients receive the benefit of our 20+ years of experience. 


"Chris has helped our office tremendously. His knowledge and expertise in accounts receivable has helped our clinic collect debt we thought we’d inevitably have to write-off. We would definitely recommend Chris’ consulting services.   Kelly L. Office Manager, Psychiatric Services

"I have worked with Chris Lesmeister for over 10 years. He is passionate about helping business owners succeed. His wealth of knowledge teaching best practices for accounts receivable has helped me and our bottom line!"                        Andy S. Administrator

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